Which products are mainly featured at Addicted 2 Jewelry?

Addicted 2 Jewelry specializes in offering a wide selection of quality jewelry for men, women, and children.  

What's the benefit of purchasing from Addicted 2 Jewelry?

Addicted 2 Jewelry stands apart from other online jewelry stores by offering an exclusive range of fashion and fine jewelry at affordable prices. We offer top quality products at prices that are even lower than those offered at retail stores during discount periods. We provide high quality branded products within an affordable price range.

How can I keep a tab on latest products and deals being offered at Addicted 2 Jewelry?

Visit our website weekly and sign up for our mailing list for product updates, special offers and coupons only available to our mailing list customers. You may also follow us on Twitter and Facebook, as well as, through RSS Feed.

How can I search for a particular product at Addicted 2 Jewelry?

Our advanced search feature makes it easy for you to browse through our vast collection to find a product quickly. You can either directly enter the type of product you want to buy in the featured search bar or you can look for it under relevant categories.

Our website classifies products under numerous categories including:

  • Engagement Rings
  • Kid's Jewelry
  • Monogram
  • Men's Jewelry
  • New Arrivals
  • Personalized Jewelry
  • Women's Jewelry
  • Sale Items

How may I use the ‘wishlist’ feature?

You need to create an account on Addicted 2 Jewelry to be able to use our ‘wishlist’ feature. Once you have created your account on our website, you can have your very own personal wishlist. If you are running short of time or do not have access to your credit card but have found something really valuable and useful in our collection, simply add it to your wishlist. Later, when you have time or access to your credit card, you only need to go to your wish list and add the selected items to your cart to buy the chosen products.

Do I need to have an account to buy products at Addicted 2 Jewelry?

Yes, you need to sign-up on our website to be able to buy any of our products.